Stuffed Rice Squares

Have a bite of a delicious savory snack or appetizer made with glutinous rice and seasoned chicken. A different take on the popular lemper or semar mendem – stuffed rice role.

The lemper is made with a filling of either shredded chicken, fish or beef floss and is rolled inside the rice, in a fashion similar to an egg roll. This in turn is rolled and wrapped inside a banana leaf, plastic sheet or tinfoil. This whole process can be a challenging task to some. Lo and behold the stuffed rice squares Javanese style. These rice squares are so much easier to make and they can be plated quite attractively.

These scrumptious rice squares are made by using a rectangular baking dish. The stuffing is sandwiched between two layers of glutinous rice. Then stored in the fridge for two hours and then cut into bars wrapped in a thin omelet layer (eatable wrapper) and then cut in 1″ slices.

Serve with drizzled coconut dressing.

Riz Farcies Javanais - Indo Foodie

Riz Farcies Javanais – Indo Foodie

The recipe of Riz Farcies Javanais (stuffed rice squares Javanese style) is from the book New Indo Dutch Kitchen by Jeff Keasberry – published in the Netherlands.


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