These delicious little balls are a traditional sweet snack from Java, Indonesia. Don’t be fooled by their innocent look, as these little spheres of delight, made of rice flour with grated coconut, contain a well concealed surprise. I call them little culinary time bombs, that will explode in your mouth as soon as you take a bite in it. You are now forewarned, we take no responsibility for what happens next when you keep your mouth open while taking a bite. Just in case you wonder: right after you pop’m in and you bite in it with your mouth open, melted palm sugar (gula jawa) hiding inside, might squirt right out of your mouth onto the person standing in front of you! Believe me, I saw it happen and it was not a pretty sight! You could be overcome by a mix of shock and laughter, nearly choking on the ball, while the other person is trying to clean up their now sticky face and shirt in disbelieve… with an expression on their face like: WTF did just happen??

Kelepon aka klepon is a guaranteed success at any occasion!




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