Gado Gado Wraps

Gado Gado has its roots in Indonesia, but this meal is popular in many different Asian countries who have their own version. It is renowned worldwide for its nutritious and tasty composition of blanched vegetables and spiced peanut dressing. Usually, Gado Gado is served on a platter with a cup of peanut dressing in the center of the dish, and the different vegetables around the cup. Alternatively, the dressing is mixed with the vegetables right out of the kitchen and topped with pieces of shrimp chips (krupuk).

In our Nouvelle Indo Cuisine series, we present: the Gado Gado Wraps, inspired by the Greeks and the Mexicans who wrapped food before the 1900’s and the Californians who made the wrap popular in the 1980’s.

Ingredients like blanched cabbage, fried tofu, cooked carrots and potatoes and beans are cut in evenly long strips (matching the length of the green beans).

Take a blanched cabbage leaf, pat dry. Line up a tablespoon of spinach and bean sprouts on the leaf before rolling it up like an egg roll. You can also use cabbage, butter lettuce, or – as in our picture – collard greens. The peanut sauce and shrimp chips are served separately. Cut the leave in half before serving. Grab, dip and chow!

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