Gado Gado In A Jar

Take your Gado Gado salad with you in a jar! Layers full of goodness. Build a jar with this exotic salad full of flavor and it is ready for you to eat at lunch. You either tip the salad into a bowl or you shake up your salad and eat straight from the jar. Don’t forget the krupuk (shrimp crackers).


Layer 1: Start with a delicious peanut sauce – special recipe by Jeff Keasberry – featured in his new book: Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets: order here.

Layer 2: Cabbage, shredded, blanched

Layer 3: Green beans, bite size pieces, blanched

Layer 4: Bean sprouts

Layer 5: Cucumber, sliced and quartered

Layer 6: Hard boiled eggs, sliced and quartered

Layer 7: Boiled potatoes, diced.


TIP: it’s up to you how you want to eat your Gado Gado (Indonesian for mix-mix). So,  mix and match with fried tofu (tahu), compressed rice cakes (lontong), fried tempeh. serve with emping melindjoe (vegetarian crackers). Try some other vegetables like; blanched spinach, carrots or cauliflower.


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