Cake Surabaya



Picture a summer afternoon, around 4 pm, on the beautifully adorned veranda overlooking a colorful garden and majestic mountains in the background. While sitting on the stylish designed rattan lounge chaise, a slight breeze is not only touching your skin, it is also bringing you the sweet, sweet, sweet scent of gardenias. A perfect time and setting for a delicious cake Surabaya, a 3-layer sponge cake consisting of a dark colored chocolate sponge layer sandwiched between two layers of yellow colored vanilla sponge cake, held together with a thin layer of apricot or strawberry jam between the layers.  The scent is inviting and the texture of the cake is moist and smooth with an irresistible sweetness from the jam. Closing my eyes and savoring it all….  just give me another slice!

Also known as Kue Lapis Surabaya. This delicious layer cake is a classic and a good way to make new friends and fans! Kue means Cake in Indonesian, Lapis comes from the Dutch word ‘lapjes’ or ‘laagjes’ which means layer in English. Named after Surabaya a city in East Java, where the cake is known as ‘spiku.’



Yellow layer:

– 10 egg yolks

– 1.1 stick. soft butter

– 1/3 cup sugar

– 1.75 oz. flour

– half tsp vanilla essence

– salt

Chocolate layer:

– 5 egg yolks

– 1/4 cup sugar

– 0.6 stick soft butter

– 1.25 oz flour

– 2 tbsp cocoa

– quarter tsp vanilla essence

– salt


– strawberry jam


Preheat oven at 350 F degrees for 10 minutes. Take a 10” square baking pan, grease it and line with parchment paper.

For the yellow layer: beat the yolks with the vanilla, sugar and salt for 10 min. with the mixer on high.

Sift the flour and fold it gently into the beaten egg yolks and stir in the butter.

Pour the batter into the cake tin and bake the cake for 35 min. at 350 F degrees until tender (check with skewer).

Repeat this for the chocolate layer. Now sieve the cocoa with the flour.

Allow the layers to cool. Cut the yellow layer in half. Spread 1 yellow layer with jam and place the chocolate layer on top.

Spread the chocolate layer with jam and put the other yellow layer on top again. Slice it and serve with tea.

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