Do you recognize this innate drive to explore? Always in pursuit of new and exciting experiences. You get inspired by many wonderful food blogs. You crave something exotic that will whet your appetite and delight your tummy. And so this hidden force has brought you here.

Welcome to the blog of an Indo Foodie. These two terms are nearly synonymous with each other; most Indo people have the qualities of a foodie, but not all foodies are Indo. Yet, they might share the same traits and culinary curiosity of an Indo.

Being of mixed Dutch Indonesian ancestry (Indo) and passionate about food, I embark on new food adventures which I gladly share. I promote Indo Dutch Heritage Cooking (encompassing Indonesian, Dutch and one of the world’s oldest fusion cuisines originating in the former Dutch East Indies, colonial Indonesia), as well as culinary surprises from the East and West and anything in between. A rediscovery of the comforting traditional to new found palate pleasing creations.

Now say out loud with me: I love food and food loves me! Yuummm!

For the spice of life, I say, click and scroll to your heart’s content!