Chili Con Nasi No Carne

The popular chili con carne with an Indo twist has a vegan sister and it’s called Chili Con Nasi – instead of meat we eat this spicy bean dish only with vegetables and steamed rice. I also serve krupuk udang (shrimp crackers) and atjar tamper (mixed pickles) with it.

Peanut Sauce

This is not just your regular peanut sauce. This is Indo style peanut sauce that compliments many meals and does a good act on its own. Just dip your krupuk into it  and before you know it you’ll be spooning out the rest.

Kolak Labu Kuning

I once ordered ‘cola’ at an Indonesian restaurant in LA many years ago. Instead I was served ‘kolak’. I looked very surprised and said to the waiter that I meant the drink. Oh, you mean ‘coke or pepsi?!’ Anyway, I decided to finish the kolak and it turned out to be the better choice. Kolak…

Corn Fritters

It’s autumn and around this time of the year we are bombarded with corn on the cobs at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. That led to my craving for perkedel jagung (also known as bakwan jagung or corn fritters in English). The word ‘perkedel’ is believed to be derived from the Dutch ‘frikadel’, which comes…